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Nagase (Thailand) Co., Ltd. – Polymer Product and Electronics division is a leading packaging materials distributor in Thailand. Our products are included Plastic resins, Films, Sheet, Zipper tape, Adhesive, Pouches and Tray.
We are pleased to introduce Thermoforming packaging solution; Thermoforming film and Top film using for Microwaveable and frozen food products.



  • Thermoforming film
    (Bottom film)

    DIAMIRON™ is the trade name of thermoforming film manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Japan. Nagase Thailand has been supplying DIAMIRON™ film in Thailand and Oversea market. DIAMIRON™ gives you excellent Oxygen barrier properties, Easy opening, Anti-curling, Anti-fogging. It can apply for boilable, retortable, microwaveable and medical products.
  • Grade of DIAMIRON™

    • DIAMIRON-1

      Structures: PP/MXD/PA/PP or EP
      Features: High heat resistance (121 celsius), Microwave, Boiled, Excellent gas barrier, anti-curling, anti-pinhole, Easy open. It is suitable for semi-retort, retort products such as herbal egg, Sweet corn.
    • DIAMIRON-2

      Structures: PP/EVOH/PA/HDPE or EP
      Features: Microwaveable, Middle gas barrier, Frozen, anti-curling, anti-pinhole, Easy open. It is suitable for Chill condition (0-4 celsius) products such as sausage, ham, Surimi.

    • DIAMIRON-3

      Structures: PP/PA/PE or EP
      Features: Boiled, Excellent cold resistance (-40 celsius), anti-curling, anti-pinhole, Easy open. It is suitable for frozen condition product such as sausage, fish ball, pork ball.

  • Lid film
    (TOP film)

    Nagase Thailand is specialist of film selection using for top film applications of thermoforming Packaging. We have list of film materials from general to low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) and suggest compatible structure with thermoforming film.
    We have the best printing and laminating partner who are specialist for top film production. We have knowledge of pitch controlling in every type of printing film. And we have technique to print both side of the top film.
  • Skin Pack film

    DIAMIRON™ is also the trade name of Skin Pack film of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Japan. DIAMIRON™ Skin Pack film gives you excellent Oxygen barrier, Easy peeling (can reuse the tray several time), Anti-fogging, Microwaveable, beautiful edge cutting. It is suitable for meat & poultry, Microwaveable food.



  • Thermoforming film


    Thermoforming film can use for microwaveable products such as chicken, sweet corn and bacon.

  • Thermoforming film


    Thermoforming film can use for Frozen items such as seafood and sausage.

  • Skin Pack


    Skin Pack film can use for ready to eat food, meat and poultry products.



  • Packaging Machine

    We can introduce packing machine both Asian and European brand.

  • Analysis & Test

    We have laboratory to test and analysis the packaging as well as your food products.

  • Packaging design

    We can suggest suitable concept/printing design for your packaging.

  • Prototype

    We can develop your product prototype together prior to mass production.

  • Troubleshooting

    We have long experience in Packaging industry. We have partners in several area. We will give solutions for the packaging of your products.

  • Eco-friendly

    We develop SDGs product collaborated with partners in order to save the earth.

  • Total Packaging Solution

    We supply food ingredients.
    We supply rigid and flexible packaging.
    We can introduce packing machine.
    We always welcome to develop with you.

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